Jonathan Pearce, Furniture designer and maker

From acorn to furniture

From little acorns comes the furniture of tomorrow...

...but only if our forests are properly maintained and managed.

We are now all responsible for the environment and the preservation of the Earth and its resources for future generations.

In the past timber has been harvested until near extinction of the tree. Take Cuban Mahogany for instance. It is a tight grain wood, reddish in colour with a beautiful grain figuration. No wonder it was once considered to be the number one timber for Cabinet makers. All the greats including Thomas Chippendale and Thomas Sheraton made furniture from it. The tree was very heavily lumbered. In the 1800’s it was considered rare and by the 1900’s it was almost extinct. It is only because in 1946 the Cuban government banned export that the tree survived. Slowly the surviving trees have begun to regenerate. This is what happens without correct controls in place.

Luckily today there are various organisations set up to stop the mistakes of the past happening again. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is one such organisation, and they supply a trademark assurance and accreditation service for companies and organisations who are interested in responsible forestry.

By purchasing timber that has a trademark assurance awarded by the FSC and similar organisations, I know it has come from a forest that is maintained and managed to a recognised standard. In addition to this, by sourcing and using native timbers, I feel that I am contributing to our very own forests and forestry industry. I think it is well worth the extra effort.