Jonathan Pearce, Furniture designer and maker

The cabinet made from oak cluster and fumed oak
Inside there are twelve drawers
The drawers have drop-in dividers
Butler style drawers, fully dovetailed
The drawers are lined with green leather
The handles follow the curves of the legs

Oak jewellery cabinet

The clients who commissioned this piece saw my drinks cabinet at an exhibition and wanted exactly the same exterior for a jewellery cabinet.

The finished cabinet has twelve drawers, each of which is a different height. Nine of the drawers have intricate drop-in dividers to hold jewellery in a variety of sizes and three are undivided to hold boxes and larger pieces. Each drawer is lined with olive green leather.

I was fortunate to source more of the material I used to make the drinks cabinet, so this piece is a very close match and the clients got just what they wanted.

Materials: Oak cluster, fumed oak, oak.

Dimensions: 950mm (h) x 640mm (w) x 485mm (d)