Jonathan Pearce, Furniture designer and maker

Image showing handskills used in furniture making.

A little about me

In 2007 I gave up a successful job in computer programming to follow my lifelong dream of becoming a cabinet maker. Having built furniture for family and friends over the years it became clear that I had designs on a different career path.

I relocated from London to Devon and spent an intensive year training at the woodworking school of renowned designer and fine furniture maker, David Savage. Under his tutelage, I honed the essential skills and craft of the trade, with great emphasis on hand and traditional techniques, while at the same time developing my own distinctive style.

Now back in a London based workshop, I take pride in creating individual pieces for a growing network of clients. It gives me great satisfaction to deliver a finished piece knowing its entire history: from the idea, to the purchase of the raw wood, the cutting, the shaping and the finishing that finally leads to a new creation.

Take a look at my gallery pages and see some of my projects for yourself. If you like what you see and would like to discuss an idea with me, then please call me on 07946 869295, or see my contact page.

To find out what I am currently working on and what I am doing in the workshop, you can have a look at my blog, which I will keep regularly updated.